Photovoltaic panel shutdown

Photovoltaic panel shutdown

Work safely on photovoltaic systems

SOLARCHECK RSD safely and automatically shuts down your system during installation, maintenance, or in dangerous situations.

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Photovoltaic rooftop systems generate DC voltages of up to 1000 V and cannot be disconnected easily on the DC side. This presents a problem if the system is damaged. SOLARCHECK RSD automatically switches your system to a safe state. You are protected from life-threatening electric shocks during installation and maintenance or in dangerous situations.

Your advantages

  • Safety during maintenance and in the event of danger, thanks to autonomous error detection and secure photovoltaic panel shutdown
  • The system operates independently: no additional communication or remote trigger, either wirelessly or via cable, is required
  • Minimizes yield losses as the system automatically switches back on when the environment is technically safe
  • A breeze to install in new and existing systems as it can be easily coupled into the existing panel cabling
  • Simple startup: no programming or manual set-up necessary

Outstanding safety

GIT Security Award certificate  

SOLARCHECK RSD: winner in the Fire & Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety category

The automatic SOLARCHECK RSD photovoltaic panel shutdown won the GIT Security Award in the Fire & Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety category.

The prize for outstanding innovative products and systems in safety technology is awarded each year by the magazines GIT Sicherheit, GIT Security, and messtec drives Automation on behalf of publisher Wiley-VCH.

Prior to this, the product was nominated as a finalist by a neutral jury with representatives from BHE, TÜV, VDMA, ZVEI, integrators, and users. Over 75,000 readers of the print magazines and associated online communities at,, and chose the winners.

Caution: electrical voltage – work at the risk of death

Series connection of photovoltaic panels  

Voltages up to 1000 V arise in photovoltaic rooftop systems.

The series connection of photovoltaic panels to strings causes voltages of up to 1000 V. Disconnection at the inverter is not safe, as the DC cables are still carrying high voltages.

Potential risks for people:

  • Electric shock due to contact with defective panels and cables
  • Electric shock due to current bridges between exposed parts of the system and extinguishing water or flooding
  • Burns due to the electric arc

Maximum safety with photovoltaic panel shutdown

Photovoltaic panel shutdown  

SOLARCHECK RSD protects against life-threatening electric shocks.

SOLARCHECK RSD consists of units for switching off the individual PV panels and startup units, which are used to restart the system. Each shutdown unit disconnects the corresponding panel from the string group. The disconnection takes place automatically in the event of a fault and each time the inverter is shutdown. The entire DC side of the photovoltaic system is then in the range of the safety extra low voltage, at the most. There is no risk of an electric shock.

Intelligent photovoltaic panel shutdown with Auto Rapid Shutdown technology

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The intelligent “Auto Rapid Shutdown” technology switches SOLARCHECK RSD to a safe state.

SOLARCHECK RSD analyzes the current and voltage conditions on the DC side. According to the failsafe principle, shutdown is initiated each time there is a deviation from a normal operating state or the inverter is shut down. The system is restarted automatically when a safe and technically faultless environment is present. SOLARCHECK RSD tracks the operating state of the inverter. The system can therefore easily be manually switched on and off via the inverter, for maintenance purposes, for example.

This technology, developed and patented by Phoenix Contact, is more reliable and faster than any human assessment or manual intervention.

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