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Managed Switches

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Access your system data at any time using Managed Switches. Fast, redundant, and diagnostics-capable.

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Increase your productivity and ensure fast and consistent information flow. With the right Managed Switches, you can ensure optimum operation of your Ethernet network and smooth data traffic in your automation application.

Your advantages

  • Uninterrupted operation of automation networks with fast redundancy switch-over
  • Easy monitoring and configuration of switch functions, thanks to web-based management, SNMP, CLI, PROFINET device functions or Common Industrial Profile (CIP)
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to a wide range of media with copper (RJ45) and fiberglass connections (SC, ST/BFOC, LC, SFP)
  • Optimum user support, thanks to the use of IT standards and automation protocols
  • Managed Switches are part of the COMPLETE line system

Managed Switches for universal automation applications

The 2000 series switches with various connection technologies are suitable for universal use  

Thanks to a large variety of versions, the Managed Switches from the 2000 series are highly versatile

Many automation networks require Ethernet switches that have a standard scope of functions and offer maximum affordability and versatility. The Managed Switches from the 2000 series from Phoenix Contact meet precisely these requirements.

The 2000 and 2100 versions offer clearly arranged configuration and monitoring options where Unmanaged Switches were primarily used in the past. The 2100 versions offer Gigabit on all ports. In addition to the extended scope of functions, the 2200 and 2300 versions feature communication via fiberglass. Thanks to approvals for the maritime sector and the process industry, they support flexible use. The 2200 versions are available as Fast Ethernet switches, while the 2300 versions are available as Gigabit switches.

Managed Switches with IT functions in industrial applications

3000 and 4000 series industrial switches  

The 3000 and 4000 series Managed Switches are ideal for use in infrastructure applications

For demanding applications, the Managed Switches from the 3000 and 4000 series combine comprehensive diagnostic, performance, and safety functions. They also offer redundancy switch-over times of just 15 ms and user-friendly application features. The Industrial Ethernet Switches support a range of IEEE standards, making them ideal for use in complex networks. The Managed Switches from the 3000 series offer a comprehensive portfolio with 10/100 Mbps connections. The 4000 series also features two Gigabit ports for connection to a higher-level network.

Managed Switches optimized for PROFINET

2200 series and IRT industrial switches for PROFINET  

2200 series PROFINET switches for Class B networks and IRT switches for Class C networks

If you want to utilize all the advantages of a PROFINET network, you need Managed Switches that are specifically optimized for PROFINET.

Thanks to integrated PROFINET devices, our 2200 and 2300 series, SMCS, and GHS PROFINET switches are ideal for use in PROFINET Class B networks. Thanks to MRP, they support a fast switch-over time that is within 200 ms. Furthermore, LLDP allows your network topology to be determined automatically.

IRT Managed Ethernet Switches provide the ideal scope of functions for PROFINET Class C networks. Thanks to integrated ERTEC technology, they offer optimum real-time properties and support proactive network maintenance.

Managed Switches optimized for EtherNet/IP™

7000 series DIN rail switches for use in EtherNet/IP™ networks  

The EtherNet/IP™ switches from the 7000 series support the DLR redundancy mechanism

The Managed Switches from the 7000 series are particularly suitable for use in EtherNet/IP™ networks. DIN rail switches enable a particularly high level of network availability, since they support the EtherNet/IP™-specific DLR redundancy mechanism with a switch-over time of less than 3 ms. Furthermore, network data loads are reduced thanks to the intelligent filtering of network telegrams using multicast and IGMP snooping.

Incorporate Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switches directly into the engineering thanks to CIP, and configure and diagnose your network directly in the control system.

Managed Power over Ethernet Switches

Managed Power over Ethernet Switches  

The Managed PoE Switches from the 4000 series reliably supply your end devices with data and power

The Power over Ethernet versions of the 4000 series Managed Switches supply your PoE-capable end devices (powered devices, PD) with data and power via a single cable. Alongside the standard functions of the 4000 series, they feature additional PoE-specific configuration options such as PoE scheduling and PoE watchdog. Thanks to the high power budget of 60 watts per port, the industrial PoE switches are suitable for the use of PoE-operated high-power devices including PoE++ cameras.

Managed Switches for IEC 61850/IEEE 1613

Managed Switches in accordance with IEC 61850 for DIN rail and rack mounting  

The 3000E and 4800E Managed Switches meet the requirements of IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613

The 3000E (DIN rail switches) and the 4800E (for 19" cabinets) Managed Switches are particularly suitable for use in energy systems and meet the stringent requirements of standards IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613. They provide round-the-clock reliable operation under extreme environmental conditions thanks to their very high immunity to electromagnetic and electrostatic interference, extended temperature range, and extreme shock and vibration resistance.

Managed Switches with router functions

Layer 3 switch and NAT switch with router function  

Managed Switches with router function enable you to segment your network

For higher network stability and network security, it is advisable to divide the network into several subnets. The modular Layer 3 GHS switches enable several subnets to be connected to the production network or the higher-level company network.

Thanks to Network Address Translation, the NAT switches enable easy connection to the higher-level network for machines or systems with the same IP address range. 

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