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Industrial Ethernet Switches for complex and secure infrastructure networks.

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For demanding applications, the Managed Switches from the 3000 and 4000 series combine high performance with high availability at a redundancy switch-over time of just 15 ms.
The switches support a range of IEEE standards, which makes them ideal for use in complex networks.

Your advantages

  • Uninterruptible automation, thanks to fast redundancy with the Extended Ring Protocol
  • Increased network security, even for complex systems, thanks to comprehensive security functions
  • Easy and clear configuration and diagnostics, thanks to configurable views in the web interface
  • High degree of flexibility, thanks to a variety of designs, port versions, and special versions for energy systems

Scalable power for flexibility in the application

3000 and 4000 series Industrial Ethernet Switches  

Scalable power: 3000 and 4000 series Industrial Ethernet Switches

The Managed Switches from the 3000 series offer a comprehensive portfolio with 5, 8 or 16 ports as well as 10/100 Mbps connections. The Managed Switches from the 4000 series combine cost-effective 10/100 Mbps ports with two Gigabit ports for connection to a higher-level network. The 4000 series consists of switches with 10, 14 or 16 ports. Various combinations of copper and FO connections are available.

Optimize your network control with the FL SWITCH 3000 and 4000: with comprehensive diagnostic, power, and security functions combined with redundancy functions and user-friendly application features.

Discover the numerous possibilities of the FL SWITCH 3000 and 4000:

  • Temperature versions: -10°C to +60°C and -45°C to +75°C
  • High level of flexibility with up to four FO ports for creating star and tree topologies, as well as connecting subnetworks to higher-level networks
  • Combination of IEEE functions and extended ring redundancy for switch-over times of 15 ms with several hundred switches in the ring
  • Coupling of multiple rings
  • Convenient operation, thanks to unique, user-friendly web-based management
  • Network control: VLAN, multicast, trunking, filter mechanisms
  • Security control: port-specific, 802.1x, user accounts

Managed Switches according to IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613

Industrial Ethernet Switches according to IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613  

Industrial Ethernet Switches according to IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613

IEC 61850 places special requirements on network components. Depending on the installation location, extremely high environmental requirements must be met which are specified in IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613. With particularly high immunity to electromagnetic and electrostatic interference, an extended temperature range, and extreme shock and vibration resistance, the FL SWITCH 3000E and FL SWITCH 4800E provide round-the-clock, reliable operation under extreme environmental conditions. They are ideal for use in energy systems.

Design central and distributed network connections with devices for the DIN rail (FL SWITCH 3000E) or for use in 19" cabinets (FL SWITCH 4800E).

Your advantages:

  • Can be used under the harshest electromagnetic and electrostatic ambient conditions according to IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613
  • Can be used under extreme climatic conditions, thanks to a temperature range of -40°C to +70°C
  • Fast redundancy mechanisms for high availability


  • Flexibility, thanks to different 10/100 Mbps port versions and optional 100 Mbps SFP ports with LC connection


  • High port density and can be mounted side by side to minimize space required
  • Redundant, replaceable power supply and special operating voltages (optional)

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