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A variety of functions

A variety of functions

Flexible acquisition and evaluation of data.

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Select I/O terminals with and without parameterization. A wide range of versatile functions with comprehensive approvals provide freedom in any topology. The fine granularity provides the basis for the design of your I/O station.

Your advantages

  • Wide range of digital, analog, and function terminals offers variety when it comes to measured value acquisition
  • Flexibility, thanks to various parameterization options
  • Reduced programming effort, thanks to pre-processing in the I/O terminals

Local bus extension – from the control cabinet to the field

Inline I/O station with Fieldline coupling  

Inline station with Fieldline coupling

Acquire your signals directly in the field and route them to the control cabinet without additional bus couplers. 

Using Inline local bus extension terminals reduces the number of bus couplers, thereby reducing the number of network devices. This means consistent communication with fewer bus couplers.

Do you want to transmit your I/O signals without using any cables? You can connect up to three I/O devices to your base station via a Bluetooth connection.

Inline Ex i – intrinsically safe I/Os for the Ex area

Reliable and safe signal acquisition in the Ex area  

Reliable and safe signal acquisition in the Ex area

Make your Inline I/O station safe for potentially explosive areas: simply mount the blue intrinsically safe Ex i I/O modules after the standard I/O terminals. There is a large selection of standard I/O terminals for use in non-potentially explosive areas and potentially explosive areas up to Zone 2 available for this purpose. You can connect additional input and output signals from potentially explosive areas of Zones 1 and 0 to the blue I/O terminals. 

Parameterization and diagnostics take place via an engineering system or FDT (field device tool) technology. Your advantage: easy handling, even with high numbers of I/Os.

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