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Wireless simulation tool – plan networks easily

The wireless simulation tool (WST) from Phoenix Contact is the intelligent solution for planning WLAN networks easily. You can create a solid basis for planning your wireless network in just a few steps, and without having to take the time to familiarize yourself with the tool.        

WST – the bright solution for planning

Wireless Simulation

Plan networks quickly and easily – with the wireless simulation tool

The WST simulation software has been developed for practical applications based on practical experience. You can plan projects based on plan drawings, even if the object has not been completed yet. The result is an easily understandable graphic in traffic light colors. This is achieved in just a few simple steps.

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Starting the simulation project

Wireless Simulation Tool  

Load image file, determine scale, and specify environment

  • The image file is loaded with the plan
  • The scale of the drawing is determined by specifying a line segment
  • The type of environment, such as office or industrial hall, specifies a set of measured correction factors
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Including simulation conditions

Wireless Simulation Tool  

Include walls, machines or elevators

  • Select finished modules, such as walls, machines or elevator shafts, from the library and include them in the plan
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Intuitive planning

Wireless Simulation Tool  

Positioning and simulation of access points in realtime

  • Select access points from the library, place them in the plan, and enable simulation
  • Analyze the field size in realtime using the intuitive traffic light colors
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Optimize the result

Wireless Simulation Tool  

Optimum placement of access points to improve wireless coverage

  • Optimize wireless field simulation by moving or adding access points – you can view the result immediately
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Full version for even more accurate planning

Wireless Simulation Tool  

Quick and easy planning of wireless fields

  • In the full version, various reports can be printed out with the desired result
  • Additional functions such as displaying wireless cells, field strength or redundancy
  • Configuration of accessories such as cables and antennas
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