Energy measuring devices and energy meters

Measurement – monitoring – communication

Measurement – monitoring – communication

Efficient energy management – network-capable EMpro energy meters can be used to acquire and monitor the characteristic electrical data of your machines and systems.

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  • Product list Accessories

    Modules for extending functions and integrating energy meters into network structures and fieldbus systems.

  • Product list Energy meters
    Energy meters

    Network-capable measuring devices for measuring and monitoring electrical system and machine parameters.

  • Product list Power meters
    Power meters

    Digital three-phase energy meters for active power measurement in networks up to 500 V, certified according to the MID directive.

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EMpro energy meters from Phoenix Contact are the ideal solution for your energy management: they can be freely extended with communication modules and special function modules, enabling your energy meters to keep pace with your growing requirements. Future-proof planning and investment is therefore ensured.

Your advantages

  • Direct access to measured values – at the touch of a button on site or from the host computer
  • User-friendly configuration – on site by following the operator guidance or via the integrated web server
  • Easy integration into network structures, thanks to flexible connection options
  • High degree of planning reliability and investment security, thanks to expansion with additional special function modules and communication modules
  • Cost centers precise energy data acquisition using MID-certified power meters

Acquisition and communication of precise cost-center-specific energy data

MID power meters  

MID power meters

The new MID power meters are used for billing cost centers. The measuring devices acquire the most important electrical parameters and communicate these via standard interfaces to superordinate control systems.

Main features:

  • MID approval in accordance with EN 50470
  • Measurement of current, voltage, power and energy
  • Direct current measurement up to 80 A without current transformer, or measurement via current transformer
  • Communication via Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU, M-Bus or S0 pulses
  • Integrated Ethernet interface

Measuring devices for your energy management

EMpro measuring devices  

EMpro measuring devices for your energy management

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of energy meters – to meet every requirement.

The communication expert: EEM-MA600

  • For all measuring tasks in power supply applications up to 700 V AC
  • Can be extended with communication modules and special function modules
  • Remote access via web server

The universal solution on the front panel: EEM-MA400

  • For standard measuring tasks up to 500 V AC
  • Can be extended with an RS-485 module

The compact DIN rail solution: EEM-MA250

  • For measuring tasks in small control cabinets directly on the machine

The compact starter for use in the sub-distribution: EEM-MA200

  • For simple measurement tasks where on-site analysis of the measured values is sufficient

What advantages does energy data acquisition offer?

Energy efficiency  

Identify potential energy savings and reduce energy costs

Continuously recorded energy flow provides the basis for a target-oriented energy management system.

Access comprehensive information regarding the characteristic electrical data of your machinery and benefit from the advantages of this:

  • Reduce your energy costs by identifying potential energy savings.
  • Optimize your system capacity: through intelligent switching of system parts, uniform network load, and reduced harmonics.
  • Reduce peak loads using forward-looking trend calculation and load management.
  • Safeguard your production processes and minimize downtimes by continuously monitoring important system parameters.

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