Distribution blocks

Distribution blocks

Ready to connect and usable immediately

Save space and time with potential distribution using the screw-connection distribution blocks.

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The distribution blocks with screw-connection technology come ready to connect and with various numbers of positions and conductor cross-section ranges. They can be used immediately and ensure flexible and cost-effective distribution of load and control current. Simply unpack, connect, and you're done.

Your advantages

  • Space-saving, thanks to the compact design and direct mounting with integrated mounting holes
  • Ready-to-use blocks for rapid mounting without manual bridging, and time savings of up to 80%
  • Save time and space, thanks to multi-conductor connection – two conductors with the same cross-section make contact securely in the clamping parts.
  • Maintenance-free conductor connection with the Reakdyn principle – there is no need to tighten the terminal block screws.
  • Clear arrangement, thanks to marked terminal points

Extensive program

Screw-connection distribution blocks and device connection blocks  

Screw-connection distribution blocks and device connection blocks

The screw connection block product range is available up to a nominal cross-section of 35 mm² and 125 A for direct mounting with various numbers of positions. The device connection and distribution blocks are clearly and easily identifiable thanks to the marking material.

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