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Diag+ – comprehensive diagnostics for PROFINET and INTERBUS networks

Diag+ is a special diagnostics software tool that has been adapted to PROFINET and INTERBUS and indicates both network errors and the current states of controllers and devices. Preventive diagnostic functions such as monitoring the transmission quality of fiber optic (FO) paths in PROFINET and INTERBUS increase system availability.

Wide range of functions for reliable diagnostics

Diag+ software  

Diag+ software

Status information, operating functions, plain text messages, and overviews ensure fast startup, error localization, and easy orientation in PROFINET and INTERBUS systems.

  • Start and stop of INTERBUS data traffic
  • Acknowledgment of INTERBUS error messages
  • Bridging, switch on, and switch off of INTERBUS devices
  • Display of error messages with tips for error removal and detailed information on the device type and device state
  • Display of color symbols for errors and device states
  • Preventive diagnostics such as monitoring transmission quality in FO paths
  • Comparison and evaluation of FO diagnostic data records at varying times
  • Generation of acceptance reports as PDF files
  • Integration in other software tools such as visualizations
  • Display of stored messages from the message archive of the controller
  • Overview for the topology of Ethernet/PROFINET devices in a 2D graphic
  • Specification of the accessibility of Ethernet/PROFINET devices
  • Use of the configuration data and comments created with Config+ or PC Worx during the configuration phase (e.g., equipment IDs, station names)
  • Management of individual rights of use for various users

Diag+ NetScan – software for cyclic INTERBUS network diagnostics

Diag+ NetScan enables the simultaneous monitoring of INTERBUS networks with several controller boards/controllers. This means, for example, that the transmission quality of all fiber optic paths in a complete system can be permanently monitored. Even lower-level buses connected via system couplers can be included in monitoring.

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