Wire and cable marking

Fine or solid

Fine or solid

For all applications: for marking fine single wires or heavy-duty cables.

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We supply a wide range of material versions and suitable mounting types. This means that you can use our conductor and cable markings in a wide range of applications.

Your advantages

  • Many options, thanks to various mounting types
  • Adapt to the environment with the help of various materials for indoor and outdoor use
  • High-quality: outstanding wipe-proof and scratch-proof marking

Conductor marking creates an overview

Conductor marking from Phoenix Contact for every application  

The optimum marking solution for every application

Get a better overview of your control cabinets and systems: mark your conductors and cables clearly and permanently.

Conductor and cable markings simplify mounting and maintenance and help when repairing faults.

Conductor and cable markings from Phoenix Contact: we provide the optimum marking solution for every application.

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