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Multi-level terminal blocks for building installation save space


Low, compact design for use in installation distributors  

Multi-level building installation terminal blocks with 10 mm² screw connection

Our installation terminal blocks are impressing users with their low and compact design.

Use them to set up your building installations in a quick and space-saving way. The new UTI 6 multi-level terminal blocks are suitable for conductors up to 10 mm². Double function shafts on each level provide you with a time-saving three-phase distribution in the terminal strip. Each terminal point can be clearly marked and seen in every terminal block mounting position. All neutral conductor disconnect terminal blocks are fitted with a robust, screwless disconnect slide for easy and secure N disconnection. It latches in the end positions. The UTI installation terminal blocks with screw connection are compatible with the installation system from Phoenix Contact and have the same system features as the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system.

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