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M12 T-distributors for data transmission


M12 T-distributor  

T-distributors for data transmission with PROFIBUS and CANopen®

Use the new Phoenix Contact M12 T-distributors for data transmission now. The T-distributors for PROFIBUS have 360° shielding and ensure secure transmission and distribution of your data.

This can be used to achieve high data rates of up to 12 Mbps. An A-coded T-distributor for CANopen® completes the product range. You can fix all T-distributors with no rotation in two mounting holes. M12 knurls can still be turned, even when they are mounted. A variant with a fixed knurl is available for PROFIBUS T-distributors. This makes it even easier to connect molded cables with knurls that can be turned. You can use the SPEEDCON fast locking system to install all T-distributors easily and reduce the connection time by 90 percent. The distributors are available to you in the IP65 and IP67 degrees of protection and are oil-resistant.

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