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Firmware for security appliances with new functions


mGuard security appliances  

mGuard security appliances now with new firmware

The new firmware 8.4 for the mGuard security appliances from Phoenix Contact extends the functional scope of the devices to include functions such as Modbus/TCP inspector and DNS-name-based-firewalling.

With the Modbus/TCP inspector function, a deep packet inspection for Modbus/TCP, connections using this widespread industrial protocol can be protected with high precision. Access rights can now not only be set at the level of the IP addresses and ports, but also at the level of the function codes and registers used within the Modbus protocol. This enables you to specify, for example, which Modbus devices have read-only or read-write permission. Register-specific access rights can also be defined. With DNS-name-based-firewalling, firewall access rights can be defined not only in relation to IP addresses but also in relation to DNS names. This simplifies configuration in the case of applications with frequently changing IP addresses. The new mGuard 8.4 firmware version is available to download from the download area of the mGuard product pages.

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