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How do we hire

Our hiring process usually involves a first conversation with a recruiter either via a phone interview or an onsite interview at one of our offices followed by interviews with the hiring managers and the interview team. This interview team can consist of other managers and peers within the department. 

When it comes to the selection, we start with what we value and these serve as the essential characteristics we look for in new hires:

Grades and transcripts are of less concern to us. We are more interested in your strengths and passions, and the experience and background that you have for the success in your role. 

Take for example, for engineering candidates, we will be looking for your technical areas of expertise and problem solving skills; and for sales candidates, we will be looking for your ability to communicate effectively and good interpersonal skills.

Recognizing the opportunities ahead of you and acting on them can mean the difference between the next great breakthrough and a missed opportunity. 

We look for people who have the drive and initiative to turn strategies and commitments into realities.

We are looking for people who are as passionate as us when come to being innovative and creative. From innovative products to improving processes, we look out for people who got the desire to improve things for the better for the company, the people and themselves.

Trust is an essential ingredient for successful partnerships. In Phoenix Contact, we aim to achieve our business goals in an open, honest, ethical and principled manner.

In order to achieve that, we need to start from within. Therefore, we are usually attracted to sincere individual who show honesty and friendliness with positive attitude.

Interview Tips

Interview Tips

The interview process is a two way street. Not only is it an opportunity for our team to match your skills and experience against the role you are applying for to determine if you are a fit within our culture, it is also the opportunity for you to interview us and determine if our people and our culture are a fit for you. 

During this process you will be asked questions that will help our interview team determine your qualifications and behavioral match within our organization. During the process, don’t get too focus on getting the ‘right’ answer, as there is likely to be no right or wrong to those questions. The key is being genuine and honest about how you feel and what your action likely to be in a given situation.

We also want to encourage you to do the same. This is an opportunity for you to ask our team questions about the work, the environment and the culture to make sure that this is a place you will thrive and grow with.

Available Positions

Whether you are looking to advance your career or launching it, you will find career opportunities at Phoenix Contact where your ideas and creativity can thrive.

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