Thermal transfer printer - THERMOMARK PRIME - 5148888

Mobile thermal transfer printer for card materials, including power supply unit, power cable, and USB cable. Support CD includes user manuals in several languages, links to firmware; driver, and planning and marking software. User manual printed in German and English. Magazine for UCT-TM... sheets and magazines for US-... cards. One Pcs./Pkt. each UCT-TM 6, US-EMLP (85,6x54), ink ribbon cartridge = 70 m



Technical data




Battery - TMP/ACCU - 0803668

Replacement battery for the THERMOMARK PRIME, NiMH 18 V DC, 2.1 Ah

Power supply unit - TMP/EXT.POWER-SUPPLY 100-240V - 0803672

Replacement power supply for THERMOMARK PRIME, input voltage at 100 V AC to 240 V AC / 1.5 A / 50 Hz to 60 Hz, output voltage at 24 V DC / 4.16 A

Charger - TMP/CHARGER - 0803670

Charging device for THERMOMARK PRIME rechargeable battery (TMP/ACCU), with reverse polarity protection and operating status display; operating voltage 10.8 V to 24 V

Battery compartment cover - TMP/ACCU COVER - 0803669

The battery compartment cover provides protection against dust and dirt deposits when starting up the THERMOMARK PRIME without the battery using the mains connection


Passenger vehicle cable for charging device (TMP/CHARGER); the power supply of the charging device comes directly from a 12 V passenger vehicle cigarette lighter (input voltage 11 V to 14 V); length 1.5 m

Transport bag - TMP BAG - 0803674

Transport bag, unequipped for THERMOMARK PRIME, accessories, marking material, and consumables, weight: 2.39 kg, width: 180 mm, height: 460 mm, color: black

Case - TMP CASE - 0803675

Transport case for the THERMOMARK PRIME including accessories, marking materials, and consumables. Rounded profile case with aluminum frame, unequipped

Case - MOBILE BACKPACK - 0803717

Transport rucksack for the THERMOMARK PRIME including accessories, marking material, and consumables, unequipped

Magazine - TMP-US-MAG1 - 0803341

Magazine, For THERMOMARK CARD and THERMOMARK PRIME, for accommodating US cards

Magazine - TMP-UCT-MAG1 - 0803342

Magazine, for the THERMOMARK PRIME and the THERMOMARK CARD, for accommodating UCT-TM..., UCT1(U)-TM..., UCT5-TM..., UCT-EM (5x10), UCT-EM (6x10)

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