Trunk module - FB-ET/E - 2316050

Trunk module for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA modular device couplers with terminator



Technical data




Surge protection plug - PT 1X2-24AC-ST - 2856058

PT protective connector with protective circuit for a 2-wire floating signal circuit. HART-compatible.

Surge protection base element - PT 1X2+F-BE - 2856126

Base element for protective plug PT with protective circuit for a 2-core floating signal circuit. Integrated gas arrester as coarse protection between GND and PE. Mounting on NS 35/7.5 und NS 35/15, housing width: 17.5 mm.

Power module - FB-PS-PLUG-24DC/28DC/0.5/EX - 2316132

Power supply plug for fieldbus system in hazardous locations. Provides 500 mA @ 28 V DC to couplers along the trunk.

Device coupler - FB-DIAG/FF/NC - 2316297

Field diagnostic module, includes TBUS connector

Termination resistor - FIELDBUS TERMINATOR - 2316034

The fieldbus terminator plug is pre-installed in the trunk out connection of device couplers.

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