Service and support – water and wastewater treatment

Service and support

Our range of services

Professional service and support in every project phase

Phoenix Contact supports you worldwide with professional service and support for all aspects of products, services, and solutions.
Depending on the requirements, we ensure the fast replacement of products or support you in the event of problems by patching into your system. Our experts are familiar with the regional conditions and specific challenges of your industry. We are happy to provide support all over the world with our close network of automation experts. Contact us for more information.

Your advantages

  • Expert advice from industry professionals
  • Consistent support throughout all project phases
  • Develop expertise with training courses for your employees

Product-independent services for safety and security in the industry

Safety services consultation  

Our expertise for your safety and security

Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of industrial security, CE marking for machines, electrical safety, and industrial communication technology. We know and understand the expectations and demands placed on automation and network technology in the critical water management industry infrastructures. We will therefore provide you with advice, evaluate and plan on the basis of your application, and implement the necessary measures.

Customer-specific solutions

Service and support meeting  

We assist you with the crucial phases of your project

From minor adaptations to completely new product developments – the Phoenix Contact service team will focus on your specific requirements. With many years of experience in the field of water and wastewater treatment, we will support you step-by-step in creating an individual solution.

Knowledge and information

Training international  

Exchange of specialist information, tailored to your level of knowledge

Phoenix Contact provides the training programs that you need, including short evening seminars, expert seminars over several days, webinars, and e-learning courses. Classification into Basic, Advanced, and Individual simplifies assignment to a course.

After sales

On-site service and hotline  

You can still count on our service network even after you have made your purchase

Our service network is always on hand to assist you during installation, startup, and operation. Contact us on the free hotline. In the event of an emergency, we can provide you with replacement parts outside of office hours.

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