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Partners and organizations

Societies and associations

Societies, associations, and user organizations encourage communication and exchange between the different stages of the value added chain. Representing the interests of various user groups, they formulate general requirements for the automation technology of the future.

In their special role as standardization and certification partners, societies and associations ensure that new technological trends and concepts are made accessible to the market in a standardized and interoperable way.

Phoenix Contact Software GmbH is helping to shape these processes. We are involved in leading organizations for automation technology.

Strong partners for your success

A decisive factor for the success of modern automation solutions is the optimum combination of different hardware and software components. Our aim is for you to be able to develop quickly and efficiently even if you are using the platform with technologies and components from other manufacturers.

For this reason, when designing and refining unique automation solutions, we work closely with other leading technology providers, automation manufacturers, experts, and service providers.

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