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Power Reliability

Maximum system availability has the highest priority in all industries and sectors.

The prerequisite for this is the true power reliability which involves protection against surges and over currents, best in class power supplies with necessary power buffering, backup  and redundancy, monitoring for faults and distributing power to the end devices.

In Phoenix Contact, we have the technologically leading products ensuring your system and machine power reliability. By putting it together, we can meet all the key aspects which is needed for a true power reliability solution.

Live demo: Intelligent QUINT power supply system

Intelligent QUINT UPS solution  

Intelligent QUINT UPS solution

The intelligent QUINT power supply system with battery management system (BMS) and IQ Technology inform you of the state of charge and the remaining runtime of your energy storage, and warn you in advance before failures occur.

Take a look at the live demo of our power supply system in action in the PHOENIX CONTACT Metal Parts Production facility in Paderborn. An interactive cloud dashboard displays the power supply system status data 24/7.

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