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Reliable connection in the device

Reliable connection in the device

Groundbreaking connection technology for signals, data, and power.

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  • Trends: groundbreaking connection technology
    Groundbreaking connection technology

    As your partner for innovative connection technologies, we offer a wide range of plug-in connectors and PCB terminal blocks for transmitting data, signals, and power for industrial and infrastructure applications.

  • Product portfolio
    Product portfolio

    With more than 50,000 products, we offer a complete range of plug-in connectors, PCB terminal blocks, and housing systems.

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    References for device manufacturers

    Discover how we successfully help device manufacturers advance.

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    Excellent services for device manufacturers from Phoenix Contact: With digital services such as configurators, technical data, and product samples free of charge.

  • Technologies

    Current and future technologies form part of our everyday lives – whether that is for safe conductor connection, automated PCB assembly or secure data transmission.

  • Customer-specific new developments
    Customer-specific new developments for your device design

    Make tailored device connections and electronics housings a reality with Phoenix Contact.

Plug-in connectors and PCB terminal blocks rank among the key elements in device manufacturing. They must not only be reliable, but, within the scope of miniaturization, also increasingly smaller and more robust. In addition, they must be easy to handle and feature new options for device design.

As has been demonstrated on many occasions, the Phoenix Contact connection solutions rank among the most innovative in the market and set new standards with regard to transmitting signals, data, and power.

Trends: groundbreaking connection technology for device manufacturing

Groundbreaking technology  

Groundbreaking connection technology for device manufacturing

We offer inspiring solutions for hot topics such as e-mobility, photovoltaics or high-current applications.

Our daily aim is to set new standards in the development of groundbreaking connection technology.

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