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Migration and Conversion

Obsolescence of components is likely to occur during a system’s lifecycle.
Migrating to the next series of equivalent products would probably lower the operating cost of maintaining a system running on obsolete parts as these parts will be difficult to source as well as locate trained resources to maintain and more prone to failures resulting in downtime and loss of production.

Machines or manufacturing lines could undergo retrofits to increase productivity and this could mean migration or conversion of the entire existing control system or part of it.
Old technology like relay controls can be migrated to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Migration or conversion means downtime and with a certain level of risk.
Our migration and conversion aims to reduce downtime and risk to a minimum through careful evaluation of the requirements and current setup, detailed planning e.g. whether to execution in phases, risk identification and mitigation, having a tested fall back plan and extensive testing.

Most if not all of controller configuration software or visualization software is PC based and dependent on operating system.

With a new operating system launched once every 3-4 years or even shorter, software compatibility issues arises; application programs and licenses need to be upgraded to the version supporting the new operating system.
In addition, you are not able to enjoy the benefits of the new hardware with faster processing speed as these normally does not support the older operating system.

We can offer virtualization services which allow the application software to be independent of the workstation and associated operating system allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a faster workstation without having to worry about any impact to the application during upgrade to be compatible to the new operating system.       

We are able to provide the following migration and conversion services for the following:

  • Distributed/Remote IO modules
  • Distributed/Remote IO network
  • Controller
  • Relay Control
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Industrial PC

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