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We make product selection and planning easier for you: with our selection guide for surge protection in information technology plus planning software for configuring terminal strips and labeling markings. Perhaps you also want to create an I/O station suitable for your automation task? Configuration assistants for I/O stations are available for this.

Two experts by your side

Possible interaction between Project+ and CLIP PROJECT  

Possible interaction between Project+ and CLIP PROJECT

We'll be happy to help you – by providing comprehensive, free, and immediate support.

Do you want to quickly create a functional I/O station? You have an expert by your side in the form of Project+. You do not need any special product knowledge in order to create an I/O station in accordance with the technical configuration rules.

Perhaps you also want to design complete DIN rail installations? The CLIP PROJECT planning software can do both: use CLIP PROJECT planning to prepare terminal strips quickly, conveniently, and without any errors. Use CLIP PROJECT marking to create markings easily, even with a wide range of different materials.

You can of course use Project+ and CLIP PROJECT together to great effect. Simply transfer a station created with Project+ to the terminal strip in CLIP PROJECT.

Product and solution configurator

Product configurator

Find the right product or the ideal solution for your application.

Our configurator assists you in your search.

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