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From the initial idea to the tailor-made solution

From the initial idea to the tailor-made solution

We provide exactly what you require. Your phone call or e-mail is enough – as soon as we receive it we start developing a solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Are you unable to find the ideal solution in our existing range? No problem. From a small customization to a completely new product development, the service team at Phoenix Contact is focused on your specific requirements. You can count on us: we have extensive technical expertise available and an extremely flexible approach. We will work with you at every stage of the project to develop your own individual solution.

Your advantages

  • Personal consultation: one dedicated contact person for the duration of the entire project phase
  • Ready to handle any application – with highly flexible solutions
  • Quick and reliable handling by our experienced specialists
  • Quick overview and initial results – thanks to fast prototype delivery
  • On-schedule delivery, thanks to precise planning and project control

What we offer

Whatever you need, whether a product or application, system, solution or service: we are at your disposal. Sometimes all that is needed to get the best results is a small change. While another scenario may require a completely new concept.

It's good to know that you will always find experienced specialists working in the Solution Center at Phoenix Contact. They will work together with you to develop the ideal solution.
Simply choose from the wide range of options available.

Your direct line to us

Do you know exactly what you are looking for? Then just send us a short message via our contact form. We'll get back to you shortly and discuss any outstanding details. You will then receive a detailed quote as well as an initial draft drawing.

You can depend on us: you will be included in every step even after you have placed your order. Finally, with your release you decide when your solution is ready.

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