PCB mounting

PCB mounting

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With our PCB connection technology, you can freely select the ideal mounting type.

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  • Wave soldering
    Wave soldering

    Wave soldering is a soldering process where, depending on the assembly method, through-hole electronic components or connection elements are soldered onto the PCB manually or using pick-and-place machines.

  • THR soldering
    THR soldering

    THR soldering mounting technology combines the solder connections of through-hole technology, which are particularly stable in mechanical terms, with the production processes of surface mounting, which can be automated efficiently.

  • SMT soldering
    SMT soldering

    Surface mounting components are soldered directly onto the top or bottom of the PCB by means of solderable contact surfaces.

  • Press-in technology
    Press-in technology

    Mounting without soldering? Press-in technology makes this possible. This mounting type is characterized by easy mounting and high holding forces.

  • Direct plug-in technology
    Direct plug-in technology

    Fitting connectors directly onto the PCB – how does that work? Simply push the direct connectors onto the contact pads on both sides of the PCB – and you're done.

  • SKEDD direct plug-in technology
    SKEDD direct plug-in technology

    SKEDD is an innovative mounting technology for connecting PCB connectors directly to the PCB via through-contacted bore holes.

The product range for PCB mounting is suitable for manual assembly as well as semi and fully automated production processes. Here you can find out about the areas of application of the different mounting types as well as their requirements and advantages.

Your advantages

  • High degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing the mounting technology
  • High degree of reliability, thanks to DIN/IEC certification
  • Expert design-in support, thanks to product specialists and online tools
  • Individual product design with tailor-made customer-specific versions and developments
  • Professional training covering all aspects of the use of PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors in automated soldering processes

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