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Easy configuration and high setting accuracy

Precise time setting using the illuminated thumb wheel  

Precise time setting using the illuminated thumb wheel

ETD timer relays feature a wide, selectable time range – from milliseconds to several days. When installed, you can read all important information easily.

Set times and functions quickly:

  • Using rotary switches on the front of the housing for the multifunctional timer relay
  • Using the thumb wheel for the ultra-narrow timer relay


Worldwide use

The multifunctional ETD timer relays can be used worldwide in your applications, thanks to the integrated wide-range power supply unit for voltages from 24 to 240 V.

Save space and time

Ultra-narrow timer relays with a design width of just 6.2 mm  

Compact timer relays save up to 70% space in the control cabinet

With a design width of just 6.2 mm, the ultra-narrow timer relays save up to 70% space compared to conventional timer relays.

You can significantly reduce your wiring time by using plug-in bridges from the PLC accessories range.

The ultra-narrow timer relays can also be connected to PLC relays in the same housing; the devices can then be installed quickly and easily using plug-in bridges and system cabling.

Error indication and selective shutdown

switching outputs  

Floating PDTs as alarm and switching outputs

The multifunctional timer relays are equipped with two floating PDT outputs. They indicate any errors that occur to a controller or selectively shut down system parts.

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