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ReSy101: transmission between control room and stations

The ReSy101 remote control communication library is based on communication standard IEC 60870-5-101 for remote control technology in infrastructure automation. Use the protocol for transmission between (network) higher-level control systems and substations. Send messages via serial connections as well as using phone dial-up operation. The communication standard also enables devices and systems from different manufacturers to communicate with one another without any fundamental adjustments.

Possible applications

Remote control station  

Remote control station

Find out about the possible applications of ReSy101, the transmission protocol between the control center and substations.

  • ReSy101 from Phoenix Contact enables smooth communication between devices from various manufacturers. The supplied interoperability list states which functions are supported.
  • Unrestricted synchronous operation is supported for 4-wire permanent lines, i.e., simultaneous transmission in both directions.
  • Event-oriented communication ensures the active transmission of current events.
  • Historical data backup ensures that data is logged with a time stamp in the event of a connection interruption.
  • Time synchronization ensures that the correct time zone is used and that daylight saving time is applied accordingly.
  • Multi-drop operation is supported for 2-wire permanent lines.
  • Data transmission using permanent lines via dial-up connections, both analog and via GSM.
  • Wireless transmission via RAD Line

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