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Shield connection clamps for single-handed operation – optimum shield attenuation and easy installation

During installation, the SCC shield connection clamps enable single-handed, tool-free operation. Thanks to the clamping lever, the conductor can be inserted effortlessly and clamped by the contact spring without physical effort.

Your advantages

  • Convenient connection and latching with just one hand
  • Safe and error-free handling, as the contact spring is not pretensioned
  • The contact spring guarantees a reliable contact quality with long-term stability
  • The spring compensates any conductor settling effects
  • Optimum shield attenuation due to the large contact facing of the braided shield on the discharge potential

Main features

  • Four clamp versions
  • Three mounting types
  • Clamping range: 5 mm … 20 mm
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Corrosion protection under harsh operating conditions
  • Marking option
  • Extremely low contact resistance

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