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Cable set - TC-C-PTB1-SC-05060708 - 2902945

Supply voltage cable set for redundant supply in a device topology on the MINI Analog termination carrier. This cable set is suitable for supply using the 2902958 MINI MCR-SL-PTB-FM power terminal block.

Output signal conditioner - MINI MCR-SL-IDS-I-I - 2905577

3-way output signal conditioner for transmitting 0/4 ... 20 mA signals from the controller to a load located in the field with simultaneous 3-way electrical isolation between the input, output, and supply, with screw connection

Marking label - MINI MCR-DKL-LABEL - 2810272

Label for extended marking of MINI MCR modules in connection with the MINI MCR-DKL

Transparent cover - MINI MCR DKL - 2308111

Fold up transparent cover for MINI MCR modules with additional labeling option using insert strips and flat Zack marker strip 6.2 mm

Cable set - TC-C-PTB1-SC-05061516 - 2903387

Cable set for MINI MCR-SL-PTB power module (Order No. 2864134) and MINI MCR-SL-TB feed-through module (Order No. 2811420), for use on the termination carrier for modules from the MINI Analog series.

Cable set - TC-C-2MIN-AI-05061516 - 2905224

Cable set for signal transmission on the termination carrier for modules from the MINI Analog series. Connection of terminal points 5 and 6 of two adjacent MINI Analog modules to the signal PCB via a 4-pos. PTSM connector.

Setpoint adjuster - EMG 30-SPK-10K LIN - 2942137

Cascading setpoint value potentiometer, for selecting presettable setpoints via a 24 V control signal, resistance value 10 kΩ

DIN rail bus connectors - ME 17,5 TBUS 1,5/ 5-ST-3,81 GN - 2709561

DIN rail connector for DIN rail mounting. Universal for TBUS housing. Gold-plated contacts, 5-pos.

Signal conditioner - MINI MCR-SL-I-I - 2864406

MCR 3-way isolating amplifier, for electrical isolation of analog signals, with screw connection, input signal: 0(4) mA ... 20 mA, output signal: 0(4) mA ... 20 mA

Temperature measuring transducer - MINI MCR-SL-PT100-LP-NC - 2810308

Configurable loop-powered temperature transducer for Pt 100 temperature sensors, configured via DIP switches, with screw connection, not pre-configured

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