Buffer modules

Completely maintenance-free

Completely maintenance-free

Bridge mains failures lasting up to 30 seconds.

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Protect your application using our buffer modules for mains failures lasting up to 30 seconds. The buffer module stores the energy required to bridge mains failures in maintenance-free capacitors. They are also suitable for cyclic failures.

Your advantages

  • Space savings, thanks to the compact design
  • QUINT CAP: maintenance-free with a long service life
  • Flexible, thanks to fixed or variable activation thresholds
  • Convenient shutdown of PCs with the QUINT CAP
  • Longer buffer times, thanks to double-layer capacitors with the QUINT CAP

QUINT CAP – long buffer times for mains failures

QUINT CAP buffer module  

QUINT CAP buffer module for cyclic failures lasting up to 30 seconds

The maintenance-free QUINT CAP buffer module is ideal for cyclical failures lasting up to 30 seconds.

  • Maintenance-free with a long service life.
  • Long buffer times, thanks to high memory capacity.
  • Space-saving, as the buffer module combines an electronic switch-over unit and maintenance-free, capacitor-based energy storage in the same housing.
  • Integrated, lockable USB interface for connecting to industrial PCs, for example. Thanks to the interface, you can conveniently shutdown your PC before a mains failure can cause any damage.

QUINT BUFFER – compact buffer modules for failures lasting several seconds

QUINT BUFFER buffer module  

QUINT BUFFER buffer module bridges failures lasting several seconds

The QUINT BUFFER buffer module is compact and bridges mains failures lasting several seconds.

  • Easy handling, as the capacitor-based energy storage makes it maintenance-free.
  • Space savings, thanks to the compact design.
  • Adjustable activation thresholds: auto mode is optimized for QUINT POWER power supplies. However, the buffer module can also be set manually – for applications involving transformers or in the case of long cables.

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