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Protocol converter - GW PL FF/MODBUS - 2316363

Modbus/RTU to FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol converter

Protocol converter - GW PL PA/MODBUS - 2316364

Modbus/RTU to PROFIBUS PA protocol converter

Protocol converter - GW PL DP/MODBUS - 2316365

Modbus/RTU to PROFIBUS DP protocol converter

Proxy - FL NP PND-4TX PB - 2985071

Proxy for PROFINET-RT, PROFIBUS proxy with integrated 4-port switch, for use with PC WORX only

Coupling module - IBS-PB CT 24 IO GT-T - 2742751

I/O coupling module (gateway) for an INTERBUS system and a PROFIBUS DP system, 24 V DC, protection type IP20

Coupling module - IBS-PB CT 24 IO GT-LK-OPC - 2862796

I/O coupling module (gateway) for a PROFIBUS-DP system, FO and D-SUB-9, 24 V DC, IP20 protection

Data interface - EU5C-SWD-DP PXC - 2903100

SmartWire-DT gateway for connecting to PROFIBUS DP as a slave, automatic baud rate detection: 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps, connection of up to 58 SmartWire-DT devices.

Data interface - EM-PB-GATEWAY-IFS - 2297620

Gateway for the connection of up to 32 INTERFACE system devices to a higher-level controller via PROFIBUS DP. The INTERFACE system devices are connected to the Gateway via DIN rail connectors, the DIN rail connectors are provided.

8 Results

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