Fiber optic transmission

Interference-free networks

Interference-free networks

Fiber optics enable you to transmit data with outstanding reliability

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The wide range of products for fiber optic transmission offered by Phoenix Contact provides support for applications with very high availability requirements. Take advantage of the outstandingly high performance and immunity to interference offered by this communication infrastructure without the need for costly surge protection, shielding, and equipotential bonding measures.

Your advantages

  • Maximum immunity to interference and high-quality electrical isolation, thanks to optical data transmission
  • Maximum transmission distances with extremely high data rate, thanks to fiber optic technology
  • Use in potentially explosive areas – approved for zone 2

Modular station structure

Modular hub for up to ten devices  

Modular hub for up to ten devices

Combine your copper repeaters with FO converters from Phoenix Contact. One modular hub covers up to ten devices. This means you can have a maximum of 30 channels with your choice of copper or fiber optics.

Simply snap the modules onto the DIN rail. The cross-wiring for data signals and for the supply voltage is provided automatically by the DIN rail connectors.

Modular means being flexible: even during operation, you can replace individual modules without affecting the others. The optional system power supply fits into the system seamlessly.

Integrated optical diagnostics

Bar graph diagnostics to provide early warnings  

Bar graph diagnostics to provide early warnings

Always stay well informed: all the devices in the PSI-MOS FO transmission system feature a bar graph display.

This gives you important advantages:

  • Constant evaluation of the optical signal quality of the fiber optic path during startup and during operation.
  • Early warning issued in the event of a drop in transmission quality before a system failure even occurs.

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