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The safety of machinery and equipment essentially depends on the correct application of the relevant legislation. In particular, the Machinery Directive has become an essential "success factor" for European industry. For more than 20 years now, the European standards and directives have ensured that the same protection goals for machinery and safety components apply throughout Europe.  However, the challenges posed by advances in digital technologies are making it necessary to make adjustments to both the Machinery Directive and the associated standards. In particular, new hazard scenarios arise with regard to cybersecurity, AI and functional safety.

Here you will find the video, presentation and the questions rised during the webinar.

Presentation from the webinar

Download the presentation from the webinar in pdf.

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The recorded video from the webinar


Here are a link to our Youtube channel where you can watch the recorded webinar.

Please be aware the any information in this video might be changed in the future.

Carsten and Nisse are answering some of the Questions from the webinar


Nils Eriksson and Carsten Gregorius are answering on some of the questions from the webinar in Nisses School.


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