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Media module - FL IF 2PSE-F - 2832904

Interface module for connecting PoE twisted pair ports, RJ45, connection direction forward

Ethernet module - FL PSE 2TX - 2891013

Factoryline Power-over-Ethernet modules (PSE) for midspan power supply according to IEEE 802.3af, two PoE supply ports, no configuration required, function possible with 10 and 100 Mbps networks

Industrial Ethernet Switch - FL SWITCH 1001T-4POE - 2891064

Power-over-Ethernet switch conforms to IEEE 802.3at. Includes four PoE+ ports and one standard RJ45 port, all with 10/100 Mbps speeds.

Industrial Ethernet Switch - FL SWITCH 1708 M12 POE - 2701883

PoE+ Ethernet switch, 8 Ethernet ports in M12 format, automatic detection of the data transmission speed of 10/100/1000 Mbps, jumbo frames up to 9600 bytes, coupling of network segments with different transmission speeds, autocrossing function, degree of protection IP67


Ethernet module - FL PD 1001 T GT - 2891042

Factoryline Power over Ethernet splitter (PD) for separating power and data according to IEEE 802.3af and at, no configuration required, can be used with 10, 100, 1000 Mbps networks, 24 V DC output voltage

5 Resultados

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