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Bus de campo

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Safety controller - RFC 4072S - 1051328

PLCnext Control with 4 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet, PROFINET controller with integrated PROFIsafe safety controller, PROFINET device, IP20 degree of protection, pluggable parameterization memory

Controller - AXC F 2152 - 2404267

PLCnext Control for the direct control of Axioline F I/Os. With two Ethernet interfaces. Complete with connector and bus base module.

Starter kit - AXC F 2152 STARTERKIT - 1046568

AXC F 2152 starter kit including PLCnext Control AXC F 2152, voltage switch, digital input and output module, analog input and output module, potentiometer, switch module, PROFICLOUD license, as well as a power supply unit, patch cable, country-specific adapter plugs, and documentation.


Extension module - AXC F XT ETH 1TX - 2403115

Left-alignable Ethernet interface, for connection to a compatible modular controller from the Axiocontrol range.


Extension module - AXC F IL ADAPT - 1020304

Right-alignable Inline adapter terminal (INTERBUS master) for one PLCnext Control device for setting up a PLCnext Technology Inline station

Program / configuration memory - SD FLASH 2GB PLCNEXT MEMORY - 1043501

Program and configuration memory for storing the application programs and other files in the file system of the PLC, pluggable, 2 GB.


Program / configuration memory - SD FLASH 8GB PLCNEXT MEMORY - 1061701

Program and configuration memory for storing the application programs and other files in the file system of the PLC, pluggable, 8 GB.

Bus connector - AXC BS L 2 - 1064312

Bus base module for left-aligning the AXC F 2xxx controllers

8 Resultados

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