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Dust protection cover - DC-B 6-CT-P - 1581078

DUPLICON snap-on dust protection cover, polyamide (can be coated)

Retaining frame - DC-B 6-MHR-T3 - 1581285

Hinged retaining frame, for DUPLICON DC-B 6 sleeve housing, for 3 contact insert modules, labeling with capital letters (A, B, C)

Retaining frame - DC-B 6-MHR-A3 - 1581287

Hinged retaining frame, for DUPLICON DC-B 6 panel mounting base, for 3 contact insert modules, labeling with lower case letters (a, b, c)

Mounting brackets - DC-B 6-A-SA - 1602313

DUPLICON, mounting bracket, made of 3 mm high-grade steel plate, with predrilled holes

Seal - DC-B 6-A-HD-G - 1602326

DUPLICON, profile gasket for stackable housing, made of conductive EPDM

Seal - DC-B 6-A-HB-G - 1602339

DUPLICON, flat gasket for panel mounting base, made of conductive NBR

Screw - DC-PCB-M3X20 - 1602407

DUPLICON, M3 screw, V2A, for fastening the contact inserts for PCB connection in the panel mounting base, 20 mm long with locking washer, steel, anti-corrosive

Screw - T20-M4X12 - 1602410

M4 Torx head screw T20, 12 mm long, self tapping, consisting of high-strength steel, anti-corrosive

8 Resultados

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