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Locking clip - SAC-M12-EXCLIP-F - 1558991

Locking clip for the socket side of sensor/actuator cables with M12 connector and M12 connectors for assembly, for knurl diameter: 15 mm or for Allen key with a wrench size of 14 mm, prevents the disconnection of plug-in connections without tools

Filler plugs - Q-PROT 9/11 - 1670235

Closing cap for Pg9/Pg11 to close unoccupied connections

Stripping tool - WIREFOX SAC - 1212623

Stripping pliers, for halogen-free sensor/actuator cables (SAC cables), with PUR and PVC insulation, from Ø of 4.4 to 7 mm, any stripping length

Conductor marker carrier - PATG 5/15 - 1013067

Conductor marker carrier, transparent, unlabeled, Mounting type: slide on, Cable diameter: 10-14 mm, Lettering field: 4 x 15 mm

Screw plug - PROT-MS SCO - 1553129

M12 screw plug with SPEEDCON quick locking for unoccupied M12 sockets of the sensor/actuator cables, boxes and flush-type connectors

Tool - SAC BIT M12-D15 - 1208432

Nut for assembling sensor/actuator cables with M12 connector and M12 connectors for assembly, with a knurl diameter of 15 mm, for 4 mm hexagonal drive

Adapter insert - TSD-M SAC-BIT ADAPTER - 1212600

Adapter bit for TSD-M...torque tools, E6.3-1/4" drive with 4 mm hexagon to accommodate SAC bits

Torque screwdriver - TSD-M 1,2NM - 1212224

Torque screw driver, accuracy as per EN ISO 6789 standard, adjustable from 0.3 ‐ 1.2 Nm

Flat gasket - SACC-M16-SEAL CLM - 1430394

M16 flat gasket, for rear mounting of M12 flush-type connectors with M16 fastening thread

Sealing cap - PROT-M12 FS-M - 1430488

M12 metal sealing cap for unoccupied M12 plugs of the sensor/actuator cable, flush-type plugs and I/O devices in the field

305 Resultados

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