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By the meter, Installation remote bus cable, INTERBUS, shielded, PUR, may green RAL 6017, 9-wire (3 x 2 x 0.22 mm² + 3 x 1 mm²), color single wire: green-yellow, white-brown, gray-pink, red, blue, green/yellow, fixed installation


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Installation remote bus line, twisted pair data cable and power
Phoenix Contact offers three different types of cable for remote bus and installation remote bus lines. These are suited to extremely varied applications.
The fields of applications are mostly a result of the mechanical properties:
Standard installation remote bus cables (three additional insulated conductors for power supply):
- For fixed installation
Highly flexible installation remote bus cables:
- Flexible cable conduits and
- Machine parts which are frequently in motion
Installation remote bus cables for underground installation:
- Fixed installation indoors and outdoors or underground

In order to provide data lines optimum protection against interference coupling, the braided shield on both sides of the bus line must be connected to the ground point of the system. There should be no compensating currents caused by potential differences flowing through the data line shield.
Two measures can be implemented to prevent this:
- Equipotential bonding: The chassis ground points of the system are connected to one another by a separate line. Compensating currents flow via this compensating current line (as per DIN VDE 0100).
- Capacitive connection to chassis ground of the shielding on one side of the cable. Only high frequency parasitic signals are discharged to chassis ground via this connection. Low-frequency compensating currents do not flow.
The manufacturing of INTERBUS cables is described in more detail in the IBS SYS PRO INST UM (item no. 2743792) user manual.
When manufacturing all listed lines, no covering and insulation materials containing substances which would hinder coating with paint or varnish are used.


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Chave de encomenda 2723136
Quantidade de embalagem 1 M
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Número do imposto alfandegário 85444993
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