I/O module - IB ST 24 BAI 8/I - 2721028

The figure shows version IB ST 24 BAI 8/U

INTERBUS-ST analog input module, 8 inputs, 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 40 mA, 0 to 60 mA, IP20 protection, consisting of: terminal part with screw connection and module electronics


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INTERBUS ST standard analog input modules
The wide range of INTERBUS analog input modules makes it possible to choose the ideal product for a variety of applications.
All commercially available analog standard sensors with voltage or current signals can be connected. Particular features of the INTERBUS analog input modules are:
- High accuracy of measurement
- Extremely rapid acquisition of measurement values
- Very good interference and common mode suppression
- A constant voltage source for the connection of passive sensors
Moreover, a host of measures guarantee a high standard of operational reliability, even under extreme industrial environmental conditions. In addition to integrated safety systems, such as:
- Watchdog monitoring of the processor, or
- Monitoring the supply voltage, in particular, comprehensive EMC measures, for example, a new shielding concept
There is a separate shield connection option for each input, without extra external wiring necessary. The connection to protective earth ground is created automatically when the module is snapped onto the DIN rail.
All the typical advantages of INTERBUS ST handling, such as multi-wire connection method and plug-in electronics are available.

Vantagens para si

  • Standard signal types (voltage and current)
  • 8 analog current inputs
  • Connection of sensors in 2-wire technology
  • Temperature measurement modules

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Chave de encomenda 2721028
Quantidade de embalagem 1 UNID
Observação Produzido sob encomenda (sem devolução)
Página de catálogo Página 251 (C-8-2013)
GTIN (EAN) 4017918132309
Peso por unidade (exclusive embalagem) 655,500 g
Número do imposto alfandegário 85389091

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