Termination board - IBS PLC5 DSC/I-T - 2719027

Termination board for Allen-Bradley PLC ® 5 systems, with electrical isolation


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INTERBUS controller boards for Allen-Bradley PLC 5 systems
The INTERBUS controller board IBS PLC5 DSC/I-T allows the INTERBUS system to be connected to Allen-Bradley PLC5 systems with the CPU types 5/11, 5/20, 5/30, 5/40, 5/60, 5/80 as well as other special type modules (e.g. Ethernet).
The controller board is connected to the PLC via the Allen-Bradley I/O bus. The board works like an Allen-Bradley input/output module with a variable address range, meaning that the data in the INTERBUS field devices can be accessed directly. The data are transferred to the memory of the PLC via block transfer commands.
The INTERBUS-S system can be activated automatically or via the application program. For the latter option, a system-specific parameter assignment for the INTERBUS-S system and controller board is stored centrally in a pluggable parameterization memory on the controller board.
The IBS CMD SWT G4 software is available for creating the parameter data.
As universal operating software, IBS CMD SWT G4 supports parameterization, configuration and system documentation, as well as the diagnostics of individual devices and the entire INTERBUS system. Furthermore, the peripheral states of connected INTERBUS-S stations can be displayed while the system is in operation.
The IBS PLC5 DSC offers a user-oriented LC display for representing the extensive INTERBUS system diagnostic facility. Operational and fault states are shown on this display in plain text format. This direct display of messages helps keep startup times and downtime to a minimum and increases the availability of your installations. The LC display is easily and intuitively operated using the keypad on the front panel.


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