Modem - TC EXTENDER 4001 ETH-1S - 2702253

Managed Ethernet extender, point-to-point connections, data rates up to 15.3 Mbps, distances of up to 20 km on in-house copper cables, replaceable surge protection, 1 SHDSL port, 1 LAN port, diagnostics via Ethernet


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Surge protection plug - TC EXTENDER PT-IQ-1S - 2702257

Replaceable surge protection module, only for Ethernet extender TC EXTENDER 4001 ETH-1S (2702253), 1 SHDSL port, two-wire protection for floating SHDSL cables, two-level protective circuit

Surge protection device - DT-LAN-CAT.6+ - 2881007

Surge protection in accordance with Class EA (CAT6A), for Gigabit Ethernet (up to 10 Gbps), token ring, FDDI/CDDI, ISDN, and DS1. Suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE+) “Mode A” and “Mode B”. RJ45 attachment plug with separate grounding cable and ground connection snap-on foot for NS 35 DIN rails.

Patch cable - FL CAT5 PATCH 0,5 - 2832263

Patch cable, CAT5, assembled, 0.5 m

Patch cable - FL CAT5 PATCH 5,0 - 2832580

Patch cable, CAT5, assembled, 5 m

Network cable - FL CAT5 HEAVY CONF/ - 2744827

CAT5-SF/UTP cable (J-02YS(ST)C HP 2 x 2 x 24 AWG), heavy-duty installation cable, 2 x 2 x 0.22 mm², solid conductor, shielded, outer sheath: 7.8 mm diameter, inner sheath: 5.75 mm ± 0.15 mm diameter, preassembled on both sides with RJ45 plug, crossover or line

Power supply unit - MINI-SYS-PS-100-240AC/24DC/1.5 - 2866983

Primary-switched MINI POWER supply for DIN rail mounting, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/1.5 A

Power supply unit - MINI-PS-100-240AC/24DC/1.5/EX - 2866653

Primary-switched power supply MINI POWER for DIN rail mounting, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/1,5 A, for the potentially explosive area

Memory - SD FLASH 512MB - 2988146

Program and configuration memory, plug-in, 512 Mbyte.


Modem - TC EXTENDER 2001 ETH-2S - 2702409

Second generation: Unmanaged Ethernet extender for point-to-point connections, line and ring structures, data rates up to 30 Mbps, distances of up to 20 km on in-house copper cables, diagnostics via USB and LEDs, 2 SHDSL ports, 1 LAN port

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