Program / configuration memory - SD FLASH 512MB APPLIC A - 2701799

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Program and configuration memory for extending the internal Flash memory, plug-in, 512 MB, with license key for function block libraries, e.g., for: SNMP, SQL, wireless, motion functions, etc.


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Program and configuration memory for storing the application programs and other files in the file system of the PLC. A license key for activating further function block libraries is also included. Individual function blocks from Phoenix Contact, such as those from the SQL and SNMP library or Resy+, are licensed. This means that a fee is charged for each controller on which licensed function blocks are used. The blocks check the license stored on the controller during runtime and enable themselves or run for a limited time in demo mode.

Examples of licensed function blocks:
• Basic control functions for PID controllers with delay time constant in the D component
• Data transfer between the controller and SQL database with event-driven access to tables by means of SQL communication and Data Manipulation Language (DML)
• IT library for sending e-mails with the SMTP function, with DHCP client, DNS, and an FTP client function
• Secure, event-oriented, and inexpensive monitoring of all distributed plants via Ethernet as well as via serial interfaces

Observe the specified performance data of your controller(s) and check that it/they are suitable for your application. For users who do not use the function block libraries, the program and configuration memory is also available without a license as an option.

Vantagens para si

  • Program and configuration memory, plug-in, with license key for function block libraries.
  • For storing application programs and other files in the file system of the PLC

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Chave de encomenda 2701799
Quantidade de embalagem 1 UNID
Página de catálogo Página 55 (C-6-2019)
GTIN (EAN) 4046356833325
Peso por unidade (exclusive embalagem) 8,500 g
Número do imposto alfandegário 85235190
País de origem DE (Alemanha)

Phoenix Contact S.A.

Sintra Business Park,
Edifício n°1
Zona Industrial da Abrunheira
2710-089 SINTRA

Horário: 9h -13h e 14h -18h
(+351) 21 911 2760
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