Memory - CF FLASH 2GB APPLIC A - 2701189

Program and configuration memory, plug-in, 2 Gbytes with license key for function block libraries, e.g., for: SNMP, SQL, wireless, motion functions, etc.


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Program and configuration memory for storing the application program and other files in the file system of the PLC, with license key for the function block libraries.

Individual function blocks from Phoenix Contact, such as those from the SQL and SNMP library or Resy+, are licensed, which means that a fee is charged for each controller on which licensed blocks are to be used. The blocks check the license stored on the controller during runtime and enable themselves or run for a limited time in demo mode.

• Basic control functions for PID controllers with delay time constant in the D component
• Data transfer between the controller and SQL database with event-driven access to tables by means of SQL communication and Data Manipulation Language (DML)
• IT library for sending e-mails with the SMTP function, with DHCP client, DNS, and an FTP client function
• Secure, event-oriented, and inexpensive monitoring of all distributed plants via Ethernet as well as via serial interfaces

Please observe the specified performance data of your controller(s) and check that it/they are suitable for your application.

For users who do not use the function block libraries, the program and configuration memory is also available without a license as an option.

Vantagens para si

  • Program and configuration memory, plug-in, with license key for function block libraries.
  • For storing application programs and other files in the file system of the PLC
  • License key for the function block libraries

Dados comerciais

Chave de encomenda 2701189
Quantidade de embalagem 1 UNID
Página de catálogo Página 55 (C-6-2019)
GTIN (EAN) 4046356716338
Peso por unidade (exclusive embalagem) 14,700 g
Número do imposto alfandegário 85235190
País de origem DE (Alemanha)

Phoenix Contact S.A.

Sintra Business Park,
Edifício n°1
Zona Industrial da Abrunheira
2710-089 SINTRA

Horário: 9h -13h e 14h -18h
(+351) 21 911 2760
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