Inline function terminal - IB IL TEMP 8 UTH/RTD-PAC - 2701000

Inline analog input terminal, complete with accessories (connector and marking field), 8 channels, TC (thermocouple), RTD (resistance temperature detector), 2 and 3-conductor connection technology


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The terminal is designed for use within an Inline station.
This terminal provides an 8-channel input module with two linear resistance ranges for resistance temperature detectors, and a voltage range for thermocouples.
This terminal supports, for example:– Platinum and nickel sensors, e.g., Pt 100, Pt 1000, Ni 100, and Ni 1000 according to EN 60751 and DIN 43760– All standard thermocouples according to EN 60584-1 and DIN 43710
Communication is via the parameter channel (PCP) or via the process data.

Vantagens para si

  • 8 temperature sensor inputs
  • 3-conductor connection for resistance temperature detectors (Pt 100, Ni 100, Pt 1000, Ni 1000, and others)
  • 2-conductor connection for thermocouples
  • Internal and external detection and compensation of cold junction temperature (configurable)
  • Individual current input, 1 A for total current transformer for heating current monitoring
  • Scan time: 20 ms (for all channels)
  • Maximum 50 Hz/60 Hz suppression
  • High precision and noise immunity
  • Temperature stability
  • High-resolution temperature, voltage, and resistance measurement
  • Resistance values (R0) can be preset separately by means of parameterization
  • Channels are parameterized independently of one another
  • Diagnostic and status indicators
  • Channel scout functionality, for optical channel identification during startup

Dados comerciais

Chave de encomenda 2701000
Quantidade de embalagem 1 UNID
Página de catálogo Página 140 (C-6-2019)
GTIN (EAN) 4046356673594
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Número do imposto alfandegário 85389091
País de origem DE (Alemanha)

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