PROFICLOUD: professional cloud solutions for industry

PROFICLOUD from Phoenix Contact

PROFINET and the cloud

Automation across borders with a PROFINET network.

Industry trend towards cloud services

The cloud represents digital and Internet-based processes, and connects products, people, and companies.

PROFICLOUD from Phoenix Contact provides you with professional, integrated cloud solutions for your automation – from infrastructure and platforms, all the way to software. This lets you utilize all the advantages and freedoms during your transition into the digital age.

Make the right decisions today for your future and join us in the world of PROFICLOUD.

Your advantages

  • Thanks to digital networking, you can predict failures and carry out targeted maintenance planning
  • Needs-based display and evaluation of energy data across locations to determine potential areas of savings
  • Expanded human-machine interaction through communication with smart devices
  • Scalable process monitoring to derive optimization measures by comparing results
  • Efficient, effective use of your data, thanks to scalable databases with high availability
  • Create flexible, secure cloud services for your application and use them around the world, thanks to a software development kit
  • Global status monitoring and control, thanks to direct access to device data from the field level

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