Industrial cloud computing

Industrial cloud computing

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    Cloud Credit

    Select the appropriate Cloud Credits for the use of devices in the Proficloud. Thanks to the pay-per-use model, you have full control of costs, with no contract extension periods.

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    PROFINET cloud solutions

    The cloud devices enable easy connection to existing processes and systems.

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Industrial cloud computing is the intelligent networking of business processes, things, systems, components, and people. Proficloud from Phoenix Contact offers you a consistently professional cloud solution for automation, tailored to your needs – from cloud devices, to the right platform, right through to cloud services.

Your advantages

  • Maximum availability, because you can access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Openness, because you can develop your own cloud services for Proficloud and operate these in the Proficloud
  • Future-proof, because the infrastructure, platform, and software are always kept up to date automatically
  • Scalability, thanks to dynamic IT services that can be quickly and individually adjusted to your requirements
  • Secure and certified communication, thanks to TLS encryption

PROFICLOUD – The IoT platform

Internet of Things (IoT) with Proficloud  

Internet of Things (IoT) with Proficloud

Proficloud is the optimum platform for IoT-based automation. Proficloud can be used to set up flexible, optimized processes and integrate third-party applications. Based on an open platform, even manufacturing companies and service providers can establish their own web applications, as well as develop and operate services and mobile applications.

To implement the guiding principles of Industrie 4.0, production facilities across the world must be comprehensively networked, and field devices must be complemented by software services. This is the only way to reliably exchange data safely and reliably between the machines as well as integrate external information into the overall solution.

In doing so, the consistent implementation of a scalable cloud architecture by means of Proficloud ensures the required performance and flexibility in your automation scenarios.

PROFICLOUD – Driver for new business models

PROFICLOUD – New market opportunities for your automation  

New market opportunities with Proficloud

Easily, quickly, and efficiently generate new business models with Proficloud. Users can easily operate their own software for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization on the cloud platform, for example. This information can then be offered to other devices if required, with secure access. As a machine manufacturer, you can now also offer maintenance services, for example, in addition to system sales.

Furthermore, data can be aggregated worldwide, and comprehensively evaluated through integration with big data applications. The hybrid cloud enables Internet-supported implementation of specific services with public providers, while applications and data that are highly in need of protection remain safely in-house. Furthermore, third-party applications can be easily connected and integrated into internal solutions.


PROFICLOUD – High security, thanks to comprehensive encryption

PROFICLOUD – Secure, thanks to TLS encryption  

Proficloud device communication is protected via TLS encryption

One key advantage of the Proficloud is the secure platform, which permits a high degree of access protection and availability.

The data transmission of Proficloud devices is protected through TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security). A connection can only be established by Proficloud devices.

Even the web application for configuring the Proficloud is transmitted to the user with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and is thereby protected against unwanted access.

Cloud credits - flexible and inexpensive

Cloud credits  

Full cost control with cloud credits

Different cloud credits are available for the use of devices in Proficloud. These are simply activated in the cloud application. You have full cost control and no contractual terms thanks to the pay-per-use model. This lets you quickly implement new business models.


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