Early Adopter program

Open for variety,
flexible for success

PLCnext Technology forms the basis of the new, open control platform from Phoenix Contact.

Become an Early Adopter

Be one of the first users of PLCnext Technology: apply for the Early Adopter program and experience the new solution based on PLCnext Technology, even before official market launch.

PLCnext Technology

Automation solutions need to be more flexible to shorten development times and to adjust production processes as quickly as possible. The pace of innovation is increasing rapidly, technologies are converging, and products and infrastructures are becoming more intelligent. A future-proof automation solution must be open and flexible and permit quick adjustments.

With PLCnext Technology, developers from a range of areas, disciplines, and generations can work independently, in parallel, and in an agile way, on individual parts of a complex application – in their usual programming environment.

Be part of the Early Adopter community

Early Adopter community for PLCnext Technology  

Use our Early Adopter community for feedback and discussion.

A cloud-based community is available to our Early Adopters to encourage open exchange. Via this platform, we also provide current information on PLCnext Technology, such as various software packages, firmware updates, and new documentation.

Share your experience, progress, and ideas for improvement with the community and use the opportunity of this self-help platform to foster open exchange with other Early Adopters, as well as with our team of experts. We look forward to your feedback and ideas for further developing our control platform.

Hardware you receive

Starter pack in the Early Adopter program  

Starter pack in the Early Adopter program

If you are selected as a user for the program, you will receive the following products from us as a starter pack:

  • One first controller (beta version) based on PLCnext Technology:
    Axiocontrol F controller - AXC F 2152
  • One extension module to process digital signals:
    Axioline F I/O module - AXL F DI8/1 DO8/1 1H
  • One memory card for project data and firmware:
    Program/configuration memory - SD FLASH 2GB

Your opinion matters to us

You are the first to use our solution and your feedback is important to us.

We therefore hope that you are happy to submit a report detailing your experiences at the end of the program, for example, in the form of a testimonial, or complete a survey on the product. However, your willingness to be contacted with this in mind is by no means a prerequisite for participation in the program.

Apply now

Be one of the first users of PLCnext Technology and apply now for the Early Adopter program.

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