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Solutions for the intelligent city of tomorrow

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of concepts and solutions for creating a smart city.

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  • System overview
    System overview

    Smart cities are based on an intelligent communication infrastructure. In the smart city, the focus is on data transfer to the cloud.

  • Areas of action
    Areas of action

    Creating an all-embracing smart city involves various areas of action: building infrastructure, supply and disposal, mobility, and logistics.

  • Collaborations and projects
    Collaborations and projects

    Phoenix Contact is actively involved in collaborations and research projects on the topic of the smart city. The Fraunhofer IOSB-INA operates Lemgo Digital, the IoT Real Lab.

Jörg Nolte, Vice President VMM Infrastructure

Jörg Nolte, Vice President VMM Infrastructure

“The smart city includes all fields of application that make a city more livable and intelligent. As an expert and effective partner for urban living spaces, Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of concepts and solutions – from intelligent street lighting and the illumination of town and city centers via WLAN to traffic management.”

New challenges for cities and communities

Metropolis highway  

Increased traffic volume in the city

The globally increasing number of city dwellers, increasing globalization, climate change, and technological advances are having an impact on urban living space.

More intensive land use, greater volumes of traffic, bottlenecks in supply and disposal, as well as higher levels of air and noise pollution are presenting cities with new challenges.

Designing intelligent urban living spaces

Data in the city  

Data plays a central role in the smart city

Innovative, highly integrated, and networked information and communication technology supports the implementation of modern smart city concepts.

The combination of technology, intelligent systems, and processes enables the modernization of existing city concepts. The evaluation of urban data plays a central role here. For example, traffic and environmental data provide the basis for intelligent traffic management and the sustainable use of resources. Urban data platforms provide city dwellers with relevant data and create added value.

Solutions from Phoenix Contact

Applications in the smart city  

Solutions for the smart city from Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is contributing to the structured transformation of urban spaces into smart cities with a broad range of products, innovative systems, and solutions, as well as expertise in industry-specific applications and technology.

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