Process industry

Process industry

High-availability systems

Phoenix Contact solutions enable you to safeguard your competitive edge sustainably.

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  • Process industry 4.0
    Modernization and digitalization

    Phoenix Contact will accompany you on the journey to a state-of-the-art digital system to optimize maintenance processes, to reduce unscheduled failures, and to make inspection rounds paperless.

  • Digital transformation – open architecture
    Digital transformation – open architecture

    Connectivity for intelligent observation and monitoring solutions in the process industry.

  • Modular production
    Modular production

    Phoenix Contact provides solutions for all aspects of modular automation in the process industry.

  • Explosion protection
    Explosion protection

    Phoenix Contact provides you with a comprehensive selection of products and solutions for satisfying demands in potentially explosive areas.

  • Applications and solutions
    Applications and solutions

    Our customized and certified solutions ensure failsafe performance and increased efficiency for your process systems.

  • References
    Process industry references

    Learn how we are successfully meeting the challenges of the process industry and be inspired by our industry-specific expertise.

  • Intelligent networking
    Intelligent networking

    Discover just what our innovative technological solutions have to offer.

  • Products
    Products for the process industry

    Phoenix Contact provides a wide range of connection and automation technology for use in the process industry.

  • Service and support
    Service and support for the process industry

    Phoenix Contact offers services that provide you with professional support in planning, producing, operating, and maintaining your process systems.

In the field of process technology and process engineering, system availability, modularization, and digitalization are key factors in keeping pace with increasing competition. Whether in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry or the oil and gas sector, highly complex process systems must meet ever-rising demands on system safety and flexibility, even under extreme conditions.

To enable you to meet these demands in the face of global competition, Phoenix Contact offers groundbreaking solutions developed from connection and automation technology for the digitalization, monitoring, and modernization of your production facilities and their infrastructure.

Process industries

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Cybersecurity and surge protection in the age of digitalization and interconnectivity in the process industry.

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