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Schneider Electric and Phoenix Contact

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Schneider Electric is one of Phoenix Contact's top industry customers and has been a Corporate Key Account since 2004. In addition to supplying standard products, our aim is to develop a far-reaching and well-established technology partnership with Schneider Electric.

Current examples of this include the joint development project for surge protection with integrated circuit breakers, the Schneider iQuick series, and current brand label projects in drive and electrical connection technology.

The manufacture of specific interface modules for the Tricon safety system from Schneider Triconex is also worth mentioning.


We develop products for the quick and safe installation of your systems and therefore increase your efficiency. Products from Schneider Electric and Phoenix Contact are used in the following production systems, for example:

  • SATORP/Jubail, Saudi Arabia

  • Algiers refinery extension, Algeria

  • CNPE – Fuqing and Fujian nuclear power plant, China

  • Rhodia Chemicals Chalampé, France


Global Key Account Manager
Hartmut Castrup
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Global Key Account Manager
Bettina Kuhrt
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