Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Reduce costs, increase efficiency

Realize the potential savings in your system and derive measures for efficient energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

As an experienced partner in the automation industry, Phoenix Contact supports you with products, solutions, and know-how in meeting DIN EN ISO 50001. Record the levels of consumption of electrical current, water, and compressed air and design an intelligent energy management system on the basis of this data.

In this way, you can significantly reduce your costs – without impairing the performance of your machines and systems. In addition, Phoenix Contact offers a modular solution concept that we can tailor precisely to your requirements: from sensors and analysis, right up to management.

Your advantages

  • Lower costs with smart management of energy consumption
  • Relevant data always remains in view - thanks to the reliable and continuous recording of measured variables
  • Quickly and easily meet DIN EN ISO 50001 with a contact person and modular solution concept
  • Benefit from government subsidies – implement ISO 50001 across your systems
  • Production with a focus on protecting the environment – use the data to identify ways to save limited resources
  • Process optimization through the parallel recording of operating and machine data
  • Condition monitoring thanks to immediate recognition of measurement changes

Energy saving – made by Phoenix Contact

PDCA cycle  

Competent assistance in meeting DIN EN ISO 50001

Based on the international DIN EN ISO 50001 standard, we support you with modular solutions in implementing your energy saving measures.

Goals of energy management:

  • Set energy consumption targets
  • Make energy data transparent and attributable
  • Identify the potential for optimization
  • Continuously carry out improvement measures to increase efficiency

What are the benefits of energy efficiency measures?

  • Reduction of energy demands and thus cost savings
  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Continuous energy monitoring; in other words, through synergy, system availability is increased
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Find savings potential

Energy data acquisition  

Acquire energy data, analyze and derive measures

You can increase the efficiency of the energy you use:

  • Optimization of load, process, and manufacturing systems, for example, by replacing inefficient technology
  • Reduction in leakages by analyzing usage variances
  • Acquire, assess, and monitor energy data, including load management
  • Usage of efficient energy sources
  • Improved data as a basis for buying from energy suppliers
  • Assign key energy figures to the respective processes
  • Exact, consumption-based billing of individual energy users
  • Adaptation of the manufacturing process to suit the energy supply, therefore better cost control

Suitable for every system – the modular solution concept

Energy monitoring according to DIN EN ISO 50001  

Energy monitoring according to DIN EN ISO 50001

For meeting DIN EN ISO 50001, Phoenix Contact offers a modular concept consisting of software and hardware, with a variety of interfaces for integration into your system.

The solution concept ranges from data acquisition for the different resources, such as current, water, compressed air, etc., to data storage and evaluation, right up to monitoring and process control.

The solutions are scalable, which means a simple, cost-effective entry point, while at the same time offering room for future expansion. Professional services for startup complete the offer.

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