OCI: your SAP link

Direct link

Direct link

Exchange catalog data in no time at all with the OCI open standard interface.

Do you use SAP? Then you can use OCI to access over 20,000 products in our e-shop directly.

Your advantages

  • Direct link from the supplier catalog to your ERP system
  • Easy handling, thanks to coordinated management of your product master data
  • Save both time and money – through direct ordering

Permanent link to the online catalog

OCI (Open Catalog Interface) is an open and standardized interface developed by SAP AG.

OCI enables you to exchange catalog data between the following systems:

  • SAP e-procurement, in most cases Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP)
  • Any other catalogs

The advantages of OCI: as an SAP user, you have access to the latest catalog data from Phoenix Contact – directly via the Internet.

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